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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI), emotional leadership (EL), emotional quotient (EQ) and emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ), is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s).

Why is it important?

Emotional intelligence is essential to building a balanced-life. If you think emotional intelligence is only important for those who always have to interact or communicate with people at the workplace, think again.Emotional intelligence is a gateway to a balanced-life.

Our EI Courses & Workshops

We offer a comprehensive five – day course covering each of the competencies/ areas of EI in five modules, namely:

The course is conducted over five weeks, however, can also be conducted according to the convenience of our clients.
A compressed three - day version of the course, conducted as a workshop, is also available for clients if they so desire.

Slient Features of the Course
  • The content is delivered in easy to understand language.
  • It can be customized to the client’s context as required.
  • Highly interactive sessions in which participants learn through experience.
  • Case studies form an important ingredient of the course.
  • Participants gain a deeper understanding of the subject through EI Assessment Tools.
  • Coaching between modules supports participants in making changes to their behavior and enhancing their EQ.

Facilitator’s for the course and workshop are internationally certified and bring with them extensive experience in the field.