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Team Theory

Great Gurugram Outdoors, during the planning and designing stages of corporate training outbound programs, also incorporate relevant theoretical concepts into the instructional design, as related to the objectives to be achieved. This helps trainers in observing and deriving learning through manifested behaviour. Generally, every team building program focuses on well defined objectives, for example communication, trust, collaboration, team bonding or leadership among others and we connect the dots between concepts, learning, and desired outcomes.

We have a team of experienced facilitators who have rich experience coupled with relevant certifications. It is important to have certified practitioners to maintain the standard of both, the teaching and the materials used, for example case studies, assessments, and other such aids.

It is not enough to just understand concepts and ideas; our facilitators are competent, experienced, and abreast of what is happening at the cutting edge of learning to implement them. Our endeavour is to make sure that these theoretical concepts are incorporated in team building activities and team outing games

Episode 1 : Belbin’s Team Roles

Episode 2 : Tuckman, Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing

Episode 3 : DISC Behaviour Model

Episode 4 : Dysfunctions of a Team