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"Diversity & Inclusion" - a bane or boon for teams?
  • 19th October 2019

Imagine a team in which people are all from similar backgrounds, speak the same language, have the same skills, competencies, behaviour, and attitudes, and have a majority of either male/female employees. Now contrast this with a team that comprises people from diverse backgrounds, do not all speak the same language, have different, yet complimentary skill sets, have different styles of behaviour and attitude, and have an equal mix of male and female members, and even some LGBTQ. Which team is likely to perform better? Any guesses? Of course the team which has diversity and includes members of all hues and shades.
Diversity and inclusion allow for cross-pollination of ideas, generation of new and exciting ideas, foster a climate of discussion and debate, and enrich the potential of teams, thus helping them perform well above their potential. Diversity and inclusion also develop tolerance and patience within the team.The same may not hold true for teams which are not diverse and inclusive.

At Great Gurugram Outdoors, we are sensitive to these requirements and weave them into team outing games and Team Building Activities in Gurgaon. These are further discussed during debriefing sessions after an activity. We are among the few corporate training companies in India who are aware of these aspects of team composition and how these are a boon for teams.

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