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The Science Behind Motivating Your Team
  • 8th November 2019

Picture this….
1. The team that you’re part of has exceeded their targets for the year, a month in advance – there’s cheering  and jubilation. Your boss has sent the team his “great show” message which has further elated the team on this feat. You feel great having contributed to the achievement and the team is raring to take on bigger challenges.
              Wondering what’s at work here? It’s Dopamine, the achievement hormone. It’s the chemical that drives you to seek rewards in achieving goals and enables you to take the effort it requires to be successful.
2. Some new members have joined your team in the past few months and you’ve sensed that the team isn’t really making an effort to accept them. One fine morning the team’s boss who’s been around for a while, walks in, gathers everyone around and compliments two of the new members for an excellent presentation the previous day. A colleague is saying something and the boss listens intently and answers. Just as he’s leaving, he says “guys, do let me know if I can help you in any way.”
              Very soon, you find that the new members are mixing more freely and have found acceptance in the team.
              Intrigued how that happened? Well, your boss triggered off the release of Oxytocin, the loyalty and trust hormone, by what he did. Simple, isn’t it ?
3. The company’s CEO is addressing a Town Hall. He’s known to be a humble guy, with a strong sense of purpose and very high self –esteem, and employees are always eager to listen to him. In fact, a lot of employees emulate him and someday, want to be like him.
              So what’s making the magic happen? It’s the leadership hormone, Serotonin ! The CEO generates generous doses of serotonin in himself and thereby, also induces the same in his employees.
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