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What is exactly a Team?
  • 7th October 2019

If we look from the point of view of exact definition, then it is not very difficult to understand that a group of people who work for any common objective is named as a team. Be it cricket matches or IT projects — every sphere of life where collective work is prevalent, can never ignore the formation, structuring and presence of teams. In order to build a team successfully, it is very important to follow three steps:

1. Understanding the objective and clarifying it to the members
2. Choosing the team lead wisely 
3. Dividing of responsibilities to individuals of the team post recognition of each of their capabilities.
The most important task after all these processes is complete integration of the individual outputs from the members with ample discussion in order to prevent conflicts.

Let us take an example where a particular team is planning a team outing. In order to have collaborative planning, individual interests should be noted first and even if all of them cannot be matched completely, at least they should have the scope of consideration. Or we can have it in some other way as well. If one finalizes the venue, someone else can plan the staying arrangements, some can take care of food planning and some can plan for some games for team outing. At Great Gurugram Outdoors, we focus on the capability of individuals to build successful teams with Corporate Training Programs, as well as to work in them efficiently.

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