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What are the Essential Ingredients of a Team?
  • 10th October 2019

As we know, teams are of various types. So, on one hand, if it is important to explain to the members the objective of the team, it is also equally important to choose the members for any team, based on the nature of work. The members should be chosen very wisely keeping in mind the factor of cohesiveness among them. If the interpersonal relationships among the members are strong and healthy, then the team will be effective. With overcoming the barriers to communication, the willingness and commitment of members to the overall functioning of the team gets enhanced. Group thinking is another significant ingredient of effective team work. Let us consider that while suggesting team outing ideas, most members of the team refrain from giving their opinions because of personal inhibitions. In such cases, decisions get monopolised and the health of the team gets negatively affected. In our programs, we encourage open communication and spur people on to get their ideas to the table. In addition, mutual support and collaboration are two ingredients which enhance the speed and quality of results. Last but not least, Trust is the most important ingredient in teams- the glue that binds teams together.

Great Gurugram Outdoors focuses on developing the ingredients described above and conducts team building  activities accordingly. So whether it is corporate training or camping in Gurgaon, the potential of each team members is tapped in the best possible manner, ensuring that teams make progress in all areas, and go back as stronger teams. 


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